Latest Update

- Chinese Voice Support
- Bug Fixed


(1) If you experience frequent disconnections, try optimizing your cellphone and securing sufficient RAM space then reinstalling the game.
(2) Below the Customer Support in the game settings, there is a Resource Integrity Check box. Tick the box and restart the game to check your resource integrity.
(3) Go to Settings → Graphics and select "performance mode" or reduce the screen resolution.
(4) If the issue persists, back up game data to the cloud and try reinstalling the app.
Every time White Day is run it connects to the server via network. Make sure to run the game where you have a strong network connection.
The initial download capacity for White Day is 80 MB, but when all the resources are downloaded it takes up about 2 GB of space.
Please make sure you have enough space on your device before installing the game.
If you bought a costume you can change into it from "Downloadable Content → Change Costume" menu.
If you are experiencing difficulties or an error message appears please complete the following steps.

[Google Play Version]
(1) A 'receipt' is sent to your cellphone or email when you buy a costume.
(2) A receipt number can be found on it (displayed as GPA.XXXX-XXXX-XXXX)
(3) Check your user ID from the in-game Settings.
(4)Send your user ID and receipt number to and we will look into the matter.

[Apple App Store Version]
(1) In the in-game Settings, there is a Restore Purchase History option. Press the Restore Purchase History and try the Buy and Change Costume again.
(1) Information of purchased costumes are saved on the server, and you can wear purchased costumes even if you switch devices.
(2) Saved data, collections, and other game progress information are saved on your device, and these information will be erased if you delete the game or change devices. If you wish to continue with your progress even after reinstalling the game or changing devices, then please use the Save to Cloud feature.
You need a Lighter, Chemical Solvent, and Insect-Repellent Spray to successfully kill the Ghost Tree. Hints and strategies on the Ghost Tree and other elements of the game can be found in the documents you can find throughout the game. So make sure to check every nook and cranny!
For other strategies and walkthroughs, please search for what other users have uploaded on the internet or simply adjust the difficulty of the game when you play.
(1) Below the Customer Support in the game settings, there is a Resource Integrity Check box.
Tick the box and restart the game to check your resource integrity.
(2) If your could you run the game with this solution, please re-install the game after back up you save data via cloud feature.
(APPLE) We are sorry to inform you that our company cannot issue a refund. You must request a refund to Apple directly through iTunes or the App Store.
(GOOGLE) From the in-game settings, use the Contact Us feature to send the Google Play Store receipt (GPA.XXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX form) and the reason for you refund request and we will review your case. If you cannot use the Contact Us feature, please send us an email at or request a refund to Google through the Play Store.
Please note that refund requests other than unable to use outfits and/or the game may be refused.
The error message "Device is not compatible with current version" is a Google Play Store error.
(1) Force shut down Google Play Store and Google Service Framework from your device settings and delete all data and cache.
(2) Then restart your cellphone and try accessing the Play Store again.
Please send any illegal APK, copyright infringement reports, and questions to
(APPLE) The School : White Day supports Made for iPhone (MFi) gamepads.
(GOOGLE) The School : White Day supports most Android OS gamepads. However, gamepads not developed specifically for Android OS (such as Xiaomi gamepads and PlayStation Dualshock 4) may experience some compatibility issues.
The fastest and surest way to request assistance to the White Day support team is by detailing the problems you are experiencing and sending it through the Contact Us feature in the game settings.
If the game continues to not run or if you are experiencing difficulties not listed in the FAQ, then please send us your device model and as much detail as possible (including the error message, a screenshot of the error, etc.) to We will try our best to solve the issue.